Refuge Court Program.

What is the Refugee Court Program?

The Refugee Court Program is funded by iEmpower and provides culturally appropriate early intervention services. These services are designed to reduce the likelihood of offending and re-offending by young people from refugee and humanitarian backgrounds. The program provides young first-time offenders with opportunities for rehabilitation, personal growth, education and skills development therefore, enabling them to reject anti-social and criminal behavior.


Objectives and Aims

  • Provide the opportunity for offenders to avoid obtaining a criminal record while still being held accountable for their actions
  • Involve the offender as an active participant in a culturally appropriate diversion process through the negotiation of sanctions
  • Benefit the community through various measures; e.g. charitable donations, community service work and participation in developmental sessions
  • Assist the justice system to deal with complex cultural and religious issues when implementing appropriate diversion implementation
  • Reduce resource demands on courts, legal aid and police


  • Positive encouragement to avoid further involvement in criminal or anti-social behavior
  • Further development of cognitive ability and emotional literacy
  • Engagement in mainstream community life
  • Possible referrals and placements in education, training and employment, if participants seek greater intervention
  • Equip the offender to use culturally appropriate tools and resources to reduce the likelihood of re-offending


  • Be residents of Victoria
  • Have committed an offence that is triable summarily
  • Have committed an offence that is not subject to a minimum or forced sentence or penalty
  • The accused acknowledges responsibility for the offence

Program Entry Points

  • Court diversion
  • Adjourned undertaking
  • Deferral process in guilty plea
  • Condition of Community Correction Order (CCO)

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