Is there a cut off age to be involved in the iEmpower programs?
Some of our programs have a cut off age as they are more targeted towards youth however, many of our programs do not have age restrictions and you are welcome to be involved. Please refer to the Program information to learn more about eligibility.
Do you assist refugees and migrants to find employment in Australia?
Yes, we do. We provide Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) – a job seeker initiative that assists unemployed people into finding sustainable employment. Our highly experienced career counseling and employment managers work directly with clients to assist in finding them jobs as well as referring them to relevant trainings to develop their skills.
Do you provide legal services?
No, we do not provide legal services. Our Refugee Court Program and Diversion Program provide intervention services to reduce the likelihood of offending and re-offending, these services rather focus on building opportunities for rehabilitation, personal growth, education and skills development. Our staff can assist in referring you to lawyers that we often work in collaboration with and our Case Managers and Officers offer extensive support if you are caught up in the justice system.
If I do not fit into any of the programs that you offer, can you still help me?
Absolutely! Our team at iEmpower are here to provide you with the support you require, if we cannot provide the support you need, we will refer you to the appropriate service provider.
Do I have to book an appointment to speak to one of your Case Managers/Officers?
If you wish to have an appointment with someone from our team, it is best to give us a call and book something in just to make sure that someone is here and available to see you. If you don’t book an appointment, our staff may be in other appointments or unavailable, so if you can, give us a call or send us an email.
Are you a drop in centre?
Yes, we are a drop in centre and we encourage you to drop by if you are requiring any support. Our hub is here for anyone to use if they are in need of support, we have books, games, PlayStation and Foxtel, as well as a friendly team to welcome you!
Do you offer English Language training and courses?
No, we do not offer any language training however, we often refer clients to very reputable services that provide free English training and courses.
I am interested in joining Scrubs, how do I get involved?
If you are interested in joining Scrubs, first make sure you are eligible by reviewing the eligibility criteria on the Scrubs page. If you are eligible, give us a call or email to book an appointment with one of our Case Managers so we can discuss the program with you further and look at enrolling you into the program and getting you started as part of the Scrubs team!

Case study:

Sahila, Ethiopia

When Sahila arrived in Australia she had limited support, no English language skills and no employment. Sahila spent the first two years in Australia unemployed and homeless. Arriving in Australia as a refugee without her family, she was immediately faced with significant difficulties.
iEmpower, with the contribution of other support services, assisted Sahila in applying and securing government housing and receiving English Language classes as these were the two priority areas that desperately needed to be addressed. Sahila has since completed a Certificate II in English Languages and a Certificate III in Health Services.