Who we are.

We believe that young people from refugee and humanitarian backgrounds have a lot to offer our nation. They are amongst the most resilient people in our society.

Refugee youth are an integral part of the future of Australia and as such, their potential should be harnessed and utilized for the benefit of society. At iEmpower, we practice our vision every day in building the capabilities of young people, so they can become productive members of the wider community. At iEmpower, we strongly believe that no young person gets left behind.

We provide a range of services aimed at achieving meaningful and sustainable outcomes for vulnerable young people from diverse backgrounds.

Our Vision .

To unleash the potential of refugee youth in a diverse and cohesive society.

Our mission .

Empowering and developing refugee youth through tailored rehabilitation, education, training and employment services.

Shaista, Afghanistan

“I have been attending iEmpower Youth Development and Empowerment Program, it has been a really good opportunity to learn new experiences and socialize with people in the group. We also have learned many new things that I didn’t expect at all to be learning. I am proud to say what I have learnt and thank you so much for everything, the program that you have provided for us”

Farahnaz, Afghanistan

“I joined iEmpower youth program because I have heard that it’s such a great program that helps all the Afghan girls and who ever needs help while they are young. I’ve learnt a lot in this program, my confidence has totally boosted up and I have learnt a lot about leadership since we had such great people coming here and talking and teaching us”

Suriyah, Afghanistan

“I built up confidence that as a Muslim girl, I can do anything. No matter who you are and where you’re from you can be a helpful member of the community and you can be a helpful member of the community and you can be really useful for the community”

Baran, Afghanistan

“It’s a great honor to be a part of this group. I learned how to be a great leader and how to stand up for my rights and how to stand up for everyone’s rights and young people rights in Australian society”

Hanifa, Afghanistan

“What this program has taught me is a lot of leadership and confidence skill.
I feel like my confidence has boosted up to another level, thank you”

Our Core Values .

Our values are the core to culture and uniqueness of iEmpower, the values guide our practice, vision and underpin the goals and objectives of iEmpower.
  • We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, integrity and honesty.
  • We strive to provide flexible and responsive services of the highest quality to all our clients.
  • We recognize the complex problems that young people face and provide the highest quality support to engage, enable and empower them.
  • We are accountable to all our clients, we strive to achieve the best positive outcomes.
  • We are accountable to our donors, providing and delivering what is promised; achieving positive outcomes for young people.
  • We highly value and respect our clients and the relationships we haveestablished with our clients and stakeholders.
  • We uphold the highest level of respect for people from all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and cultures.
  • We believe in innovation, information, knowledge and best practice sharing with all our partners, stakeholders and clients.
  • We welcome collaboration to implement and develop solutions to the issues and barriers that refugees face.
  • We are responsible and accountable for our own actions and encourage our clients to take responsibility and be accountable for their actions.