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Ahmed Dini.

Marketing and Recruitment Manager

Ahmed Dini arrived in Australia at ten years old after enduring the challenges of living in a refugee camp. Ahmed has grown to become one of the most prominent leaders in Australia’s Somali community; supporting Somali migrants through initiatives that provide support and care to Somali families. Ahmed is an advocate in his community. Ahmed is the creator of the Australian Somali Football Association now known as United Through Football; promoting sport while mentoring under privileged young people and creating a more cohesive Somali community. The FSA is now the largest sporting event ever undertaken by the Somali/Horn of Africa community in Australia.

Ahmed was named Victoria’s Local Hero for 2012 and he continue to empower and create change in the African Australian community. He is passionate about building the next generation of young leaders and creating positive and bright futures for African-Australians. Ahmed is also a Board Member of Melbourne Employment Forum.

We provide a range of services with sustainable outcomes for young people of diverse backgrounds