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A Message From Our CEO and Founder

Welcome to iEmpower’s first E newsletter!

I am very thankful and privileged to have been given the opportunity and responsibility to be a part of what is almost, a decade old oragnisation. As the Founder of iEmpower, this organisation is very close to my heart and driven by the vision and determination to support as many vulnerable young people as possible.

Coming to Australia myself as a refugee from Ethiopia in the late 1980’s and having experienced the hardships and tragedies of civil war and refugee camps, I very well understand the importance of supporting and building the capacity of culturally and linguistically diverse young people.

When I founded iEmpower, I had a simple vision, to unleash the potential of refugee youth in a diverse and cohesive society. Over the years, this vision has grown and whilst there have been many achievements and we have made a difference to many lives, there is still a long way to go.

Our team at iEmpower is small and diverse, and together we are unleashing the potential of vulnerable young people in Victoria. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity to iEmpower, our work is made possible by your continued contributions.

Abeselom Nega
CEO, iEmpower

News from March

Why we celebrated Harmony Day:

On Harmony Day, we celebrate the cultural diversity of Australia. the key message of Harmony Day is everyone belongs. Harmony Day is also the United Nations International Day of Racial Discrimination.

Facts about cultural diversity in Australia:

  • 1 in 4 Australians were born overseas
  • In 2013, overseas migration represented 60% of Australia’s growth population
  • Collectively, Australia speaks over 200 languages
  • Since 1945, over 7.5 million people have migrated to Australia

Some of the team at iEmpower celebrating Harmony Day.

The Melbourne Employment Forum (MEF) Industry Awards

The MEF Industry Awards Gala Dinner was an event to celebrate and honor industry champions. The night also recognized the achievement of African Australian job seekers and the tremendous efforts of community leaders.

The awards that iEmpower and our team received were:
Certificate of Excellence, iEmpower Youth Inc for being an outstanding community partner to Melbourne Employment Forum
Certificate of Recognition, iEmpower Youth Inc in recognition of your support as a community partner
Certificate of Excellence, Abeselom Nega for outstanding leadership in employment services to the Melbourne Employment Forum
Certificate of Excellence, Ahmed Dini for outstanding leadership in employment services to the Melbourne Employment Forum

CEO, Abeselom Nega & Roberto Colanzi, iEmpower Chaiperson at the MEF Industry Awards Night.



Meet our Chairperson, Roberto Colanzi

Roberto is a highly experienced and strategy and policy executive and industry analyst. His range of skills and experience include: industry, economic and marketing analysis; finance and strategic systems analysis; project management and planning; and successfully lobbying government on retail taxation matters and trade issues.

Throughout his career his has worked in and advised a number of industries such as automotive distribution, architecture and commercial construction, accounting and commerce, retail, and electronic commerce.

He has worked in private management consulting practice, and for major industry associations.



ECCV 2018 State Conference

Thursday May 18 – Friday May 18 2018
Register at

The 2018 Conference will examine and demonstrate how diversity and inclusion can meet the three major challenges of the future automation, globalisation and collaborative flexible economy that values relationships supported by digitalisation. Over two days, their will be over 500 delegates and 80 speakers coming together to discuss issues of unemployment of Victorians from culturally diverse backgrounds.


Welcome to our new Counselor, Michael Nowara

Michael is the passionate and engaging Counselor at iEmpower. Michael joined the team at iEmpower in March 2018 and has engaged with many clients in his time here. Michael has a range of passions, he is very passionate about stand-up comedy, however he found his calling in helping others. Nothing makes him happier than to see a client overcome their personal hurdles, and the positive changes they have made to their own lives. Michael studied a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours at La Trobe University, and completed his Master of Professional Psychology at Monash University.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing futsal, cooking, live music, meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Michael hopes that he is able to forge long and fulfilling relationships with his clients at iEmpower and hopes to help as many people as he can along the way.


Whats happening in May

  • ECCV 2018 State Conference and Gala Dinner
  • Graduating ceremony for the Youth Development and Empowerment Program – 22 young Afghan women will graduate from this program after participating over the past year
  • Website development – we have a new website underway and hope to have it up and running in May
  • Scrubs site tour and information session – the Scrubs participants will be doing their first site visit to the Victoria University Sunshine Campus to learn more about their upcoming course